Sunday, September 21, 2014

Problem with Mercurial (hg) Subrepo: "about: HTTP Error 404: Not Found"

Mercurial Subrepository allows us to clone multiple repositories as a group. Following the steps in the documentation, I created a main repository and a few sub-repositories. I did not encounter any problem when I clone the main repository or any of the sub-repositories. However,I observed an error when I attempted to push a local subrepository to the server. The error message reads,

abort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
What gives me the hint what might be wrong is this post. In the repository's hgweb file, I had,

/ = /home/hg/repo-private/*

Since we have subrepostories in the repository, the above configuration is incorrect -- it should have been two *'s instead of one *, i.e.,

/ = /home/hg/repo-private/**

Indeed, as pointed out by the post cited above, <code>hg help hgweb</code> gives a good explanation and example how we may configure the <code>hgweb</code> file.

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