Monday, September 1, 2014

Bypassing SIM Card and Motoblur Account Setup on Atrix 4G

From time to time, I get the job to deal with a Motorola Atrix 4G phone. Yes, they are an old model, but we do have a couple of them. Fresh out-of-box, the phone always asks the user to insert a SIM card and set up a Motoblur account. To bypassing SIM card and Motoblur account setup, I follow the instruction in this post, which is pretty handy. Just a convenient jump for myselt, click the instruction below for the steps,

And to quote, the steps are,
  1. Power off the phone
  2. While holding the "Volumn Down" key, power up the phone
  3. As it is powering up, the phone pauses the boot process and displays boot option. Press the "Volumn Down" button a few times, until "Boot Android (No BP)" appears
  4. Now press the "Volumn Up" key to choose the boot option. The phone will resume the boot process.
  5. When it finishes the boot process, the phone displays a language drop-down menu. Thelanguage selection screen is for Motoblur account setup -- the phone has bypassed the "No SIM card/Emergency calls only" screen.
  6. Hold the "Menu" key at the language selection screen of the Motorblur account setup until the soft keyboard appears
  7. Then press the "?123, ALT, ABC, e" key sequence twice in a row, then type the key sequence "b l u r o f f". Note that quotation marks are not part of the key sequences.


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