Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Command psql of PostgreSQL Complains about Encoding

I have a PostgreSQL database instance configured to use UTF-8. When I connects to it using psql on Windows, it complains with the following,

foopgdb => select * from bar;
ERROR:  character with byte sequence 0xe2 0x86 0x92 in encoding "UTF8" has no 
equivalent in encoding "WIN1252"
foopgdb =>

Method 1

It turns out that we can inform psql the encoding and select proper encoding table when we run psql as follows in a Windows Command Prompt window,

chcp 65001

The explanation about PGCLIENTENCODING is in the PostgreSQL documentation while that of chcp at Microsoft Technet. The reference to the code page 65001 is at this MSDN page.

However, the above method may result in the Not enough memory error on some version of Windows, such as, Windows 7. See this discussion for more.

Method 2

We can also set the encoding in psql as follows,

foopgdb => \encoding UTF8
foopgdb => select * from bar;
foopgdb =>

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