Saturday, August 30, 2014

Firefox 64-bit Nightly, Google Account, and FireFtp Addon ...

I have been a long-time Firefox browser user. Recently I have started using Firefox 64-bit Nightly, the 64-bit Firefox browser that is still in testing.

My experience suggests that the 64-bit version appears to have a better performance when compared with its 32-bit counter part -- well, this is just my feeling and I don't have objective data to back it up; it could have been the result that I restarted the 64-bit version more often than I did with the 32-bit version that eventually became almost frozen and had to be restarted.

A definite beneift, perhaps, just a short-term benefit, is that I can continue to use my beloved FireFtp addon.  FireFtp addon somehow did not catch up with version updates of the 32-bit Firefox and is now disabled by the lastest version of the 32-bit Firefox. However, I found that the 64-bit Firefox does not have the problem.

Besides, my own experience is that the 64-bit Firefox is quite stable and it only crashed a few times in more than a month.

The only problem that I really need to deal with when I use the 64-bit Firefox is the problem with signing into any Google account, e-mail, blogger (this blogger), voice ... The problem is that  from time to time, when I tried to sign in a Google account after a restart of the 64-bit Firefox, the Google sites report an error,

Oops! Your browser seems to have cookies disabled. Make sure cookies are enabled or try opening a new browser window.

The error message puts the blames on "cookies". In fact, regardless, following the steps from Google Support, such as this one, how I enable cookies on the browser, remove any history, and cached items, the problem remains. Finally, I realize that it is not a probem  is not with the cookies at all.

The solution is quite simple -- it is the 32-bit Firefox. Whenver the problem occurs, I follow the steps below,

  1. Close the 64-bit Firefox immedialy, no need to meddle with cookies, web histories, and caches;
  2. fire up the 32-bit Firefox;
  3. log onto any Google account once using the 32-bit Firefox;
  4. and then close the 32-bit Firefox;
  5. finally restart the 64-bit Firefox.

Eureka! Wahla! I can now sign in any Google accounts.

So what's wrong with Firefox 64-bit Nightly? The problem may not be with Firefox; instead it may be a problem with Google, as indicated in this bug report -- I guess in this case the 32-bit Firefox sets the values of the relevant attributes to those that Google expects.

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