Tuesday, March 18, 2014

HTML5 Mobile Development Framework

This post bookmarks a few HTML5 mobile development framework.

FrameworkLicenseCode Repository
CordovaApache 2 LicenseCode Repositories
Ionic FrameworkCode licensed under MIT License
Doc licensed under Apache 2 License
Code Repostiory
PhoneGapApache LicenseCode Repositories
Titanium Mobile Development EnvironmentProprietaryCode Repository
Kendo UI MobileProprietaryN/A

Abode donated PhoneGap to Apache Cordova. What's the difference between the two? Adobe's official answer is here.

Additional References

  1. Microsoft DevRadio: How to use Visual Studio to Build Hybrid Apps that run on iOS, Android and Windows devices

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  1. Hybrid apps are basically the small websites that run in the browser shell of the app that have access to platform layer. They are having benefits in terms of development speed, third party code and platform support. Ionic framework is a front end user interface that handles all the look and feel interactions.