Thursday, September 12, 2013

Emulating LaTeX Look & Feel in Microsoft World

Following the instruction , you can find a Word template and the URL to Computer Modern fonts that should be used along with the template.

Using the template and the fonts, you can generate Word documents that remarkable resemble those generated using LaTeX.

I found downloading the fonts manually a pain since there are many. Perhaps, a simpler way is to use a shellscript, which I ran on an Ubuntu Linux guest OS,

wget -O - -q | \
    grep "mirror.*ttf" | \
    sed -e 's/^.*href=\"//g' | \
    sed -e 's/\" title=.*$//g' | \
    xargs wget -c -nv

Well, it may not be a script since it is just a one-liner. If you are unfamiliar with Unix/Linux shells, note that there is no space after "\" that simply indicates a line continuation

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